No Corona, por favor!

Well, we are now waiting to see if the Chinese coronavirus will explode into a worldwide pandemic or not. We are told by some that the virus showed up because some Chinese were eating strange things in their diet, but we don’t think their diet has changed much recently.

Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” thinks that the deadly virus may well have originated in a Chinese lab as a bio-weapon to be directed later at the U.S. and got accidentally released into the Chinese population. Whatever the case, it appears to be a considerable threat. He quotes an article from the medical journal “Lancet” that claims the coronavirus to have an incubation period of about 8 days. This, of course, means that thousands of people with the active virus may be traveling all over the world undetected without any symptoms yet.

He also states that the rate of infectivity is 83%, that is , if you are exposed you have an 83% likelihood of catching it. Oh, and the fatality rate is 15%, unlike the usual 1-3% for most other deadly viruses.

It is also notable that those paper masks you see everyone wearing are virtually useless, as they do not provide an adequate seal around the face, and also the coronavirus is said to be able to infect you through your eyeballs!

So, if the virus turns out to be spreading around the world, what can be done? You can be sure that there will eventually be a vaccine available, but with the apparent dose to contain genetically-modified material that can change one’s own genetics, I won’t be getting one.

I advise that everyone look up yesterday’s article online by Steve Barwick of The Silver Edge, “Will Colloidal Silver Stop the Chinese Coronavirus?” As many of you know, ionic silver is very effective against many viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There is a section toward the bottom in which Barwick states how much silver he would take, and how, if he should find himself exposed.

For more information on colloidal silver, check out my articles of October 23, 2017, March 22, 2018, and October 8, 2019. As I have mentioned before, I would not be without it! Just go to the new “Archives” link at the top of the opening page.


Dr. J

How Much Can We Believe?

There is a plethora of “fake news” these days, and it is difficult to discern what is factual. As much as we appreciate our form of government, we have from time to time been subjected to prevarications.  We have written of several “false flag” operations that have been carried out and covered up by our government.  Both the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission Reports are lacking many facts that would support much different conclusions.

Surely, though, we can believe that there were multiple legitimate reasons for the recent assassination of the Iranian military leader Soleimani. After all, he helped kill hundreds of U.S. soldiers and had planned other attacks, right? His demise sends a clear message to the Deep State players in Iran that the patriots are now in control…

There are other facts to be considered. There are two main factions of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shias, and they hate each other. Soleimani was of the Shia group. Since the 9/11 attacks 90% of all Americans killed by Muslims have been victims of Sunni aggression, financed and supported by Saudi Arabia (which was behind the 9/11 attacks, with help from our own government).

So, we should have retaliated against Saudi Arabia, right? We did not. We invaded Iraq instead, because of those “weapons of mass destruction” which turned out to not be there. Why did we not attack Saudi Arabia? Because ever since 1973 we have been linked to Saudi Arabia in the “petrodollar”system, set up by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Our military protects Saudi Arabia as part of the deal. All oil sales worldwide have had to be in U.S. dollars. [this system is quickly going away].

So, why kill off the military leader of Iran, a member of the group responsible for no more than 10% of American deaths tied to that country? Is it one step to introducing a friendly puppet government in Iran? Is it to help cement control over oil and gas resources there? Will China and Russia allow that?

We have asserted before that both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi  were assassinated because they had each formulated plans to bypass the U.S. dollar for oil sales, one with the “Euro” and  the other with a new pan-African gold-backed currency. Mission accomplished…

Time may help unravel the complex situation we currently face. In the mean time, don’t believe everything you are told.

Dr. J