Will Sex Crimes Bring Them Down?

Sex is popular! And, it’s wonderful; it’s just too bad that it is so often associated with inappropriate behaviors. It seems that nearly every day we read of crimes in our area involving sexual attacks of one sort or another. But, the current focus nationally is on one Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual treatment of underage girls.

It seems that his property of “Orgy Island” in the Caribbean frequently hosted  prominent people for whom young ladies were procured for sexual enjoyment. It is interesting to see how Bill Clinton, for instance, is trying to distance himself from the crimes by stating (lying) that he was only on Epstein’s private jet the “Lolita Express” four times and only to other destinations. The fact is that FAA records show that he was a passenger on that plane no fewer than 26 times, and sometimes having left his personal Secret Service detail behind.

Had Epstein not been a billionaire, he would likely have received a sentence such as life in prison rather than the “slap on the wrist”of 13 months in a luxury facility where he only had to be there at night and was out free the rest of the time. I predict that he will serve much longer time as the details come out, and that we will be shocked by the names of those who participated in the crimes against children on the island and elsewhere.

Jeffrey Epstein apparently had video cameras installed in those tunnels under his island, and recorded the activities of his guests with the girls who had been procured for them. The woman who was in charge of procurement is said to have been “a valued guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding”. (according to David Icke) BTW, Jeffrey Epstein helped start the Clinton Foundation and was a sizeable donor.

If you stay up to speed with “Q”, you will know that the patriots “have it all”, that is , all of the information needed to identify those involved in this nefarious activity. These will include bankers, Hollywood celebrities, royalty, corporate elites, and prominent politicians.

This rabbit hole is deep and dark. There are accounts of satanic ritual torture and killing of children that extends worldwide. We can be thankful that our President Trump has placed a high priority on rounding up these pedophiles and bringing them to justice.

The mainstream media, in deep with the deep state, is quick to associate Trump with Epstein in hopes of nailing him with some crime. What they don’t tell you is that although Trump used to hang out with Epstein, he “fired him” and banned him from ever coming back to Mar-A-Lago when he discovered that Epstein was involved with a 14 year old girl. Oh, it has been said that some prominent media people will be found to have been to Epstein’s island as well. One begins to see why so many are so desperate to get rid of Trump. They want to avoid exposure and are willing to do almost anything to avoid it. Those speaking out the loudest have the most to hide.

Many don’t think that anything will ever happen to these people, even to Hillary for her absolute Russian collusion and other treachery, and that these folks are “above the law”. This remains to be seen. As the president often says, “We’ll see what happens.”  We know that he has expanded Guantanamo Bay’s  facilities in Cuba in preparation for the military tribunals which have been under way since January.

The tribunals are legitimate and with precedent. They are likely necessary for dealing with these sex crimes because justice would not be reached currently through the civilian legal system. Most of us don’t know this, but the Government Accountability Act of 1995 provided a veritable “get out of jail card” for  a congressperson charged with sex crimes, even rape. This legislation, which passed the House 390-0 and the Senate 98-1, provides for mandatory counseling and mediation for victims, and for confidential settlements paid for by taxpayer funds. The military tribunals will bypass these self-serving restrictions.

I believe that Jeffrey Epstein’s operation will be seen as similar to that of the infamous Marc Dutroux of Belgium, who kidnapped, sexually abused, and tortured children. To show how such crimes can be covered up, witnesses who were willing to expose that sex ring involving businessmen, hi-ranking government officials, and even policemen, began turning up dead.  As the trial began in 2004 many officials resigned, including the police chief and chief judge. It’s ironic that Dutroux’s own mother pleaded for her kidnapping son to be kept locked up, but she was ignored and Dutroux was declared “disabled” and given a government pension! (and also provided with sleeping pills that he later gave to his victims) That illustrates how deeply governments are involved in this mess. Much was reformed in Belgium after a terrific public outcry, and I suspect that there will be much reform  here as well.

I was also reminded of the “Houston Mass Murderers” with whom I personally had a brief scary encounter, and which I wrote about in one of the articles on this website. It is sad that such activity occurs so often in so many places, but such is unregenerate human nature. It has a spiritual basis, and we need to pray for those in authority positions, that they may be protected from sexual crimes, or if they are guilty that they will be identified and brought to justice. God does not want any to perish. Always keep in mind that Jesus came to justify (save) the ungodly. I qualified and so do you, but the gift of salvation must be accepted.


Dr. J



Americans are spending less per capita on food than they were in past decades, but considerably more, per capita, on health costs. It seems that the quality of our food is deteriorating along with our health.

There were a number of large corporations producing explosives during World War II, and these bombs contained a lot of nitrogen. After the war, what were these companies to do? Well, another use for lots of nitrogen is in fertilizers for crops, and of course the new fast-growing crops needed pesticides and weed-killers, chemicals these same companies were able to easily provide.

More heavily-processed foods were developed for longer shelf life and greater profits. Such processing comes at a cost, however. It produces inflammation, which is the underlying cause of nearly all chronic diseases. “Big Ag” gets the blame for this, as well as for other unintended consequences of producing new foods such as genetically modified ones (GMOs). This is not to mention the rising number of cancer cases among farmers exposed to Roundup, a weed-killer they are required to buy and use in combination with common GMO seeds. (think Monsanto here, and now Bayer)

“Big Pharma” has its own faults, including new drugs that are not adequately tested. Thousands and thousands of Americans have lost their lives from taking drugs that had unrecognized side effects. A major problem is that these companies pay huge amounts of money to our federal government’s regulatory agencies, and directly to our congresspersons.

Sometimes it appears that our own government is trying to make us sicker and to  die earlier. There have been many apparent “cures” for various types of cancer that have been blocked in many ways. The treatment of cancer is much more lucrative than preventing it, and billions of dollars are at stake.

Is all of this coincidental? Is it possible at all that there could be a connection with certain groups such as the Illuminati (founded in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt). It sounds very far-fetched until you read the plans of such “one-world” groups as expressed on the Georgia Guidestones, which state a goal of reducing  the world’s population by 90%.

I am not a fan of the current childhood vaccination plan as recommended (demanded) by the CDC. There are growing numbers of studies showing that vaccinations are causing much damage to our children. When the pharmaceutical companies that make them were granted immunity from prosecution by our federal government in the 1980’s, it opened a “gold rush” of new vaccine candidates. There is much evidence connecting vaccines to autism and other neurological conditions, and one recent study showed that children who are  fully vaccinated have four times the rate of chronic diseases from all causes than children who have had no vaccinations. There are billions of dollars at stake here as well.

Need I mention again that the drug companies pay more money to politicians than any other group? True scientists know that honest food, drug, or vaccine testing requires that the material  in question be pitted against some inert material, the “control”. It is a fact that not a single double-blind safety study has been done on any childhood vaccine. Not one. Neither have any studies been done on humans on the effects of eating GMO foods – and the results of the GMO  study done in mice would scare the pants off of you!

We need impartial studies done on foods, drugs, and vaccines,  but the system in place allows concerns about human health and safety to fall far behind the push for profits. “Follow the money” is the key far too often. Human nature explains it, and it’s a spiritual battle that we face, and it must be fought with spiritual weapons.

Good health to all,

Dr. J