Walk This Way

Valo and I lived in England in the early 1970’s and there was a hilarious program on TV called, “Are You Being Served?” It depicted a department store where the employees were constantly getting into funny situations. The “floorwalker” would answer a customer’s inquiry and then ask the person to “walk this way”, and as he ambled off with a limp, the customer would follow, assuming the same limp!

But I digress. This morning I took one of my usual walks from my house south of the hospital to past Dairy Queen near the old train depot and return. All of the streets were covered with ice, but that is one of my favorite times to walk. I always walk with my “Exerstrider” poles and in icy conditions I also wear “Yak Trax”  on my shoes, which prevent me from sliding the least bit.

I have written about exerstriding before, and have pointed out  the many benefits of doing so. I  run across  very few others who walk with poles, and it’s sad that so many do not take advantage of the ways the poles enhance one’s exercise.

What are these poles? Well, they are walking poles, usually made of aluminum, with hand grips at the top and attachments on the bottom for use on different surfaces. Since I walk in the streets, I use little rubber “boots” on the bottom of my poles that give good contact with the pavement.

The poles are made of aircraft grade aluminum and are angled backward when you are standing upright. With each step you literally pull yourself forward and then push yourself on forward. By doing so, you utilize the major muscle groups of the upper body and expend at least 30% more calories than when walking without the poles.

It does not seem like you are working any harder when using the poles, but if you are walking for exercise, then you achieve the extra benefits. Use of the poles has also been shown to help take the weight off of your ankles, knees, and hip joints, thus reducing wear and tear on those. I never walk without the poles unless I am out picking up trash and litter.

I have another pair of poles make by Leki that have available attachments that loop around your wrists and are often employed by pole-walkers in the Scandinavian countries.  Walking poles likely were first introduced in that area of the world for use by cross-country skiers in the off season. I read about them in Reader’s Digest many years ago and have used them ever since.

As for the Yak Trax, they are wonderful! They consist of a system of coiled wires and  rubber tubing that slips on to your shoe or boot and stays securely fastened. It’s easier to attachment them to your shoes before you put them on. I find that I can even jog down icy hills with no fear of slipping. You might find them beneficial just for walking around your house outside when it’s icy. Prevention of one fall would likely cover their cost!

Well, next time you see me out walking with poles don’t wonder if I left my skis behind!  Just consider if it might be beneficial for you as well to “walk this way”.

Dr. J


Oh, What A Year!


This year of 2019 promises to be truly unforgettable, and one that brings us a stream of  incidents that will be difficult to handle for the unprepared. For those who have been paying attention, it will bring long-awaited answers to important questions.

Do you believe that the United States is strong morally and economically and that things will basically go on for decades as they have in the past? If so, you are a victim or your own “normalcy bias”. You had better be willing to be flexible in your views, as information is now coming out that is truly mind-boggling, and will be rejected out of hand by many before they are eventually convinced of its truth.

If you are a Christian, and I hope you are since you never know when your last opportunity to be saved may have just passed you by, then you have one or more “spiritual gifts”. If you don’t know  what yours are (is) then you may wish to take a “spiritual gift inventory” as I have done a couple of times. My gifts are 1) discernment, and 2) teaching.

I have been expecting the fall of the U.S. financial system (fiat) for over 30 years now, but see it to be just around the corner at this time. We have never been the victim (thanks to our central bank, the Fed) of so much debt, now too much to ever pay off. We have discussed many times how we got here, via the “financial coup” that took place in 1913 by that group of foreign bankers and their globalist partners in our government.

Most of you would not believe the level of satanic corruption in our government that has been in place over the decades, and that has thrived through multiple administrations. I think the ultimate would have to be the literal satanic ritual child abductions, torture, and murder that so many prominent figures have been involved in. The following will shock you, but I believe it to be true.

No one, with the exceptions of JFK and possibly Ronald Reagan, have done anything to stop the horrible crimes that the “deep state” is perpetrating. By deep state, I refer to the cabal initiated by the Trilateral Commission and essentially run by the Rothschild family that has the goal of controlling all of the people of the whole world. As pastor Lindsey Williams says, it’s not about the money – they already have all of that they need. It’s about CONTROL.

Williams also points out that his elite friend has told him that God is with Donald Trump and that the elites’  hands are tied – there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO as long as Donald Trump is in office. We have been granted a period of grace for our nation by the victory of Trump in 2016. Pray for the protection of him and his family, as the globalists won’t rest until they have deposed him and disposed of him.

Now, how many of you recall the interrogation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Lindsey Graham about the constitutionality of military tribunals? The answers were that Kavanaugh understood that the law was in place for these to proceed. Under executive order, U.S. military tribunals began to take place in January of 2019. There had been large expenditures for expansion of the facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (“GITMO”) to hold the targets for interrogation in these tribunals, along with a number of other sites.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, General James Mattis, and General John Kelley are in charge of the military tribunals. John Huber and 174 investigators have been carrying out investigations for the past two years and have returned over 71,000 indictments against political  and global elites in federal courts. Several were served at the George Bush funeral!

The above is provided by a number of alternative media sites, and the following shocking information comes from David Zublick of “Truth Unsealed” (2-12-2019) He is one of only a few reporters being allowed access to the tribunal proceedings, along with Leonard Bacani (founder of Heartland Security Services)  and Linda Forsythe, founder of C-VINE news.

The tribunals began January 2nd and  are being filmed. Transcripts will be released periodically to selected sites, including Truth Unsealed and C-VINE news.  Don’t expect to hear about all of this on the evening news, as the major “mainstream” media are all operated by George Soros-owned corporations.

Speaking of George Soros, he has been arrested in Switzerland and is to be extradited to the U.S. to be interrogated at the military tribunals for being an enemy combatant with his anti-America and anti-Constitution agenda. He is believed to be behind much of the voting fraud occurring in the U.S. and owns the software for  many of the states’ voting machines. He also has funded the immigrant caravans and transported them to our southern border. He is said to have claimed that he had Obama’s justice department “at his beck and call”. Soros is also said to be a leader of a child trafficking and  exploitation ring for the “Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult” run from the Vatican of the Catholic church.

George “W.” Bush has been arrested after meeting with President Trump. He agreed to turn states evidence to avoid the embarrassment of a public trial,  and has pleaded guilty to high crimes and misdemeanors including helping arrange and then cover up 9/11, exposing his father’s acts of treason and money laundering, sex trafficking, and plotting the assassination of JFK and the attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life.   The word is that “W” will be executed at the end of the tribunals, which are thought to likely last around two years. His testimony will be called upon throughout the trials, but his “reputation” will be left intact.

John McCain was executed in August of 2018 (for crimes of high treason and child sex trafficking) and George H.W. Bush was executed for his crimes in November (RICO Act violations and child sex crimes).

Barrack Obama has been incarcerated at GITMO for at least a month for high treason, participating in the Uranium One deal, Benghazi, and cover up of the Clinton scandals. He has supplied much evidence regarding  Bush’s 9/11 cover up, and the “Fast and Furious gun-running.  He is said to be “fighting for his life”, as there is enough evidence against him for execution also. He also has just admitted that the attack and capture of Osama bin Laden was a fake, and never happened. Many of us knew that bin Laden has been dead since 2001 [he had end-stage kidney disease, and had even been treated at an American hospital!]

Reportedly Bill and Hillary Clinton are housed at “Camp 7” at Guantanamo Bay and are facing their own interrogations at the tribunals.

John and Tony Podesta are among 17 D.C. indictees, and are being charged with child kidnapping, pedophilia, and selling uranium to Russia. To stay up to date on the GITMO military tribunals, go to C-VINE.com or tune in to Truth Unsealed.

Justice is being served. The deep state criminals have no where to hide and their hands are tied. Thank God for Donald Trump, a man with his flaws (don’t we all?) but whom God is using in mighty ways to help clean up our nation and the world.


Dr J