It’s Real!

Well, I expect that some of you have been passing my articles off as some sort of “conspiracy theorist” views, but you will be shocked to find that conspiracies have been rampant in D.C. for over 100 years, and especially over the last 50 since JFK was killed.

My interest in these columns is not to provide shocking information; I am interested in the truth. It just happens that right now there is a huge amount of dirty, sickening information that involves many prominent people and that has been hidden for a long time, that is about to be exposed and dealt with.

There are many who think that Donald Trump’s plan to “Make America Great Again” was all fluff. I’d have to say that the evidence shows that he was entirely serious, and that he is being highly effective in doing just that.

The Deep State is in panic mode now, as they know that the President has all of the  evidence necessary to not only expose them, but to prosecute as well. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now “activated” and in position to begin the legal action to bring justice to all of these criminals.  I’m speaking of Barrack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bushes, James Comey, John Brennan, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the Awan brothers, Maxine Waters, and so many others. Former head of  National Intelligence James Clapper said on CNN that the illegal activities used  to spy on Donald Trump and all of us were initiated by Barack Obama.

The “storm” has begun and the Deep Staters are more desperate than ever. All of their plans  to sabotage Trump have failed. Efforts to shoot down the Brett Kavanaugh nomination are sick and disgraceful. Let the Democrat who is sinless cast the first stone. Did you ever do anything stupid in high school?  Kavanaugh’s record is spectacularly clean, as opposed to Bill Clinton, the serial rapist,  who has a consistent record of assaulting women and was never held accountable.

The Awan brothers who provided military secrets to foreign governments will face prosecution, and so will Schultz who hired them, and the  Democrat congressmen who were aware of the brothers’ criminal activity and said nothing. Those leaks supplied by the Awan brothers led directly to the death of a Navy Seal.

Military tribunals are coming for these people. The president’s executive order number 13825 of March 1, 2018 calls for the establishment of these tribunals, of which we will hear much more.  Have you read any of the damning evidence against Obama, Hillary (who sold military secrets to China), and others in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report? That document has over one million, two-hundred thousand pages!

Yes, the president is declassifying those materials that the Deep State never expected to see the light of day.  The MOAB (mother of all bombs) is on the way to reveal the truth about what these people have been doing to us for years.

One of the best sources for verification of the above is Dr. Dave Janda. You can read more on his website at I also recommend The X-22 Report,  Zero Hedge, and the SGT Report. We live in exciting days, and I for one am deeply thankful that we finally have a president who is taking action to clean up the cesspool of corruption that has characterized the past several administrations. (Republicans included)


Dr. J

Get Ready!

It’s National Preparedness Month. We have talked about “prepping” in past columns, but right now on 9/11 it’s never been more important to take steps to protect you and your family against future hazards. One never knows when some catastrophe will take place, whether natural or man-made.

It makes sense to store up some extra food, water, any required medications, daily “necessities”, etc. Many like to store up materials that could be used in a barter situation such as cigarettes or whiskey, even if they don’t use them personally, and if possible, some extra cash.

We are rapidly approaching events that have been predicted for decades, but will catch the average American completely off guard and unprepared. There is a financial reset just around the corner that will replace our failed fiat petrodollar system. The exact nature of the new system is not clear yet, but it will be designed to help the people instead of the bankers, as the present one has always done. There will likely be some sort of gold backing.

The other major change will be a reset of the rule of law. No longer will elite politicians and corporate tycoons be able to thumb their noses at the Constitution and be “above the law”. We are beginning to see the unsealing of thousands of indictments that will see many very prominent individuals brought to trial and some imprisoned. Already over 2,300 pedophiles have been arrested, and President Trump has declared a national emergency over the human trafficking situation, which he is determined to stop.

I will say it again. our country has been run by criminals for over 100 years, ever since the elite foreign bankers illegally took over the financial system of the United States via the Federal Reserve, which needs to be abolished. Our “money” of Federal Reserve Notes is unconstitutional, as only gold and silver were to be legal tender. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edmund Griffin for the details. The “establishment” is composed of individuals who are not true Americans, but globalists intent on bringing our nation down to 3rd world status. They know they are trapped by our patriotic president, and they are desperate.

Their desperation is evident in the unprecedented attacks on President Trump. They continue to fail and will try anything to remove their nemesis. The establishment will not go down without a fight, and we can look for some major “false flag” event, or even something as catastrophic as an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, that is, the detonation of a nuclear device in the atmosphere that would kill the U.S. electrical grid in an instance.

We are looking at mere days to weeks until major changes appear. Do not expect any warnings from the mainstream media, though, as the 6 families that own them are all are globalists themselves.

There are many alternate sources of information that broadcast factual news. You can’t find a better one than Dr. Dave Janda of Another is the “X-22 Report” which comes out twice a day. The SGT Report is excellent and so is There are many more.  Much of this is found on YouTube. I encourage you to listen to one of the reports by Kevin Shipp, former CIA officer who was actually tasked with protection of the CIA director at the time, William Casey, before Shipp became a “whistle-blower”.  He will inform you as to why there is so much secrecy in government today, including the lengths the CIA and other agencies will go to in order to prevent exposure of often nefarious acts.

This is the day to focus on the fact that those three buildings on 9/11 were brought down by explosives (they were NOT brought down by airplanes). We have discussed this in detail, and for you who are not convinced, please take the time to study the evidence and you will find the proof. Start by checking out “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”; if over 2,000 professionals can’t convince you, then your mind is made up and not to be swayed by facts.

You may recall that  Dick Cheney called for a stand-down by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) that day, and it’s the only time in history that it’s been done.  The whole 9/11 scenario paved the way for the U.S. invasion and destruction of the Middle East and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people there (all for securing wealth and control for the elites). The truth is coming out, and I would not be surprised to eventually see former presidents behind bars.

Did any of you think that all of the fawning over John McCain after his death was a bit overblown? I think that facts will show that he was not so much of a hero as a traitor to America. Here’s something very interesting. On CNN Ohio governor John Kasich referred to McCain being “put to death”. What does that mean?

Now, are the rest of us without our own dark deeds? Only if we have our lives covered by the blood of Jesus and our sins forever removed. If we have accepted that gift, then we are the righteousness of God. That sounds presumptuous, but it’s true and has nothing to do with anything we have done.  It’s all about what Christ did for us on the cross. It is finished! And so is this article.


Dr. J